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Finally, a new post!

Okay, so it’s been nearly a month since I posted in here so I figure I might as well. Not a whole lot has happened since my last post, at least not a whole lot I care much about. Someone who used to be my friend but then up and ran off returned, pregnant and still not my friend. The random, sporadic pain hasn’t changed, except now I am once again getting that weird post-charlie horse ache in my left calf every now and then.

But, then there was Christmas. Christmas was pretty awesome even though we all knew we were very poor so there was not going to be a huge extravagant thing that we attempt to pull off every year just because we like to give each other gifts. My brother, his wife and their daughter (who, at three, is one of the most awesome little kids I’ve ever known and also the biggest troublemaker) came over in the morning and we did stockings and presents. As expected, there wasn’t as much in the stockings as there usually is, but that didn’t matter. We set up my brother’s camera and recorded my niece opening her gifts first. Since she had her birthday earlier that month, she had finally learned how to tear open wrapping paper on her own and only asked for assistance a few times. She got a bunch of toys (My Little Ponies, some baby dolls, puzzles) and some learning tools (flash cards with numbers, letters, shapes, colors). We also got her a hardback copy of a book called “Love You Forever”, which is her favorite book. She lovingly calls it ‘Back and Forth’ and can pretty much recite the story from heart, page by page, with some slurring on the words. ^^

Anyway, I got some cool things. I got a wireless mouse (which I’ve desperately needed for my computer), some hobo gloves (you know...the ones with no fingers), another pair of hobo gloves but with the thumb still there and attachments that make them into mittens (with Tink on there no less!), a PostSecret book (to share with my sister), a DVD of The Search for Spock (ultimate win!!!), a pair of jeans (which I really, really, really needed), and a few other small things I can’t remember off the top of my head. Pretty good for a poor family, yeah?

Let’s see, what else? New Years was fun. The family was over again and we were required to stay up past midnight, which of course meant I stayed up until five in the morning, perfectly ruining the decent sleep schedule I should have been on. Well, I guess that’s what I get for trying to fix it two days before the new year. I’ve had a couple interesting dreams I’ve written some notes on that I think I might be able to turn into stories somewhere. I’m also going to be looking at my NaNo novel tonight. I have it open right now but I’m a little scared to look at it. I know it’s way below my usual standard of writing (NaNo is about quantity, not quality), but what if it’s way worse than I thought it was? What if I read it and don’t know how to edit it? Though the longer I avoid it, the harder it will be for me to get back to it, and there’s that NaNo meet up on the 11th and I REALLY want to find something in this WIP manuscript to share. Oy....

Looks like that’s about it for now. Oh wait, resolutions. The only one I can think of right now is better organization/follow-through, which hopefully will start with this LJ account and finally sending off a package to a family member that I’ve been meaning to send since, oh, last summer? >.< All I need is some ink for my printer and it’ll be ready to go! Oh, I also hope this follow-through thing will help me get a job.

Until next time, cheers.