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Watchmen - No Spoilers

The only person I know who for certain reads this is currently reading Watchmen, so I won't spoil anything here. But I will go ahead and say I love it. There are some changes, some things that were dropped or altered or added that I'm not certain why it was so, but I think I understand the major things and for all that is right and good with the movie the rest of the differences can be forgiven, at least enough to love the movie anyway.


The thing I was impressed with most: Rorschach. When I heard who was cast for him, I was concerned. I could only remember the actor from one movie he was in, and that was from when he was fifteen (and looked twelve or thirteen). I looked up current pictures of him, and he wasn't anything like what I knew Rorschach to be. So I was very worried, especially since Rorschach was my favorite in every way. But then I saw the movie, and as it went on Rorschach just continued to be perfect. There was only one scene that was wrong (as in it effected who he was/his image) in any way, and that was one of those changes that I don't understand why they did it. Maybe they thought the way it was in the movie was more dramatic or something, and maybe they didn't realize that it could change how Rorschach is perceived or just the way his character is on a base level. But other than that, he's perfect, and I applaud the actor. I feel like going back and watching the movie again ASAP just for his scenes alone.


I will say though, this movie is not for youngsters, prudes, or the faint of heart. It's graphic, in both violence and sexuality. It didn't bother me any, but most kids under the age of sixteen probably shouldn't see it unless they have read the graphic novel and understand it. My brother stated that the kid would have to have read it, declared it epic win, and then explained why it was epic win to prove that they actually understood it. I agree. There were three children in our theatre. One was taken out during the most not-child-friendly part, but I think it was just because he had to use the bathroom. Surprisingly, the theatre was eerily silent the whole time. There weren't even any snickers or whispered jokes or anything at the sexually explicit stuff. Weird.


Anywho, it's getting late and I'm a bit tired. If I'm going to convince my sister to watch another episode of Doctor Who tonight, I have to do it now. :) Also, the NaNo meet is tomorrow and I haven't finished editing the second chapter yet, so I need to work on that today and get enough sleep so that I can finish it and print it tomorrow.


Until next time.