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“I'm writing a book, bitch.”

Yeah, so apparently I'm ok with cussing on Facebook (and here?) now? I had the title to this post running through my head (in a Dave Chappelle-style Rick James voice, actually) so I randomly posted it on my Facebook profile under my picture. Oh well, right? Who cares, right? Well, now apparently my cousin (who I met for the first time today) now knows I'm writing a book. Not bad, right? Well...now she wants me to share.


Which is ok I guess. I need to get more open to allowing others to see what I've written. Feedback is important. And I've been getting better, really, I have. I'm slowly letting the still active members of my NaNo group read what I wrote last November (after some light editing, of course). But family? Besides my sister? That's going to take a lot of courage on my part.


Silver lining? Maybe this will help keep me focused and driven to work on this one thing and really get more accomplished with it. Though now I've also got my mom telling me to write short stories so I can get those published while I work on actually getting my novels written. I wish I could do that, but I'm rubbish with shorts. And yet...I do have a few short stories I DO have to write. One, in particular, goes along with the NaNo.


Things have been a little bit hectic recently. I just started school again (hooray for learning Spanish). I think I'll do better in English Comp II this time, since I think I already know what topic I'm going to do my big research paper on. I'm not certain if I completely agree with the statement I'd be making, but I can argue it well anyway.


I also had dinner tonight with that cousin I mentioned earlier. It was the first time I met her. She's really cool and fun to be around. She has her own store on Etsy and her stuff is really cute and well made. If I get to see her more, she could teach me how to crochet, which would mean I might actually be good at it (as opposed to if I tried to teach myself). For once, family stuff is starting to look a bit better and I'm finally getting to know more of the people I'm related to. :)

Hooray for some good things.