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Oops, did I disappear? So sorry.

Wow, it's been forever since I've posted one of these. February just seemed to roll by without very much happening, it seems. So, here's just a bit to get back into the groove of things.

I'm sitting at school, in the ARC (Academic Resource Center), talking to some people on MSN and editing the second chapter of my NaNo at the same time. And you know what? I feel pretty good, which is odd since I only got a few hours of sleep last night and my class today is English Comp II (which I bombed the first time around, as research papers are not my friend).

So I'm editing my NaNo, the second chapter to be specific. When I edited the first chapter, it was only light editing. Most of the changes were making some things italicized, flipping a word here or there, and removing a sentence or two. In this one, I'm on the stage of editing where I read through for the second time and highlight anything that seems like it might need work. And there is a lot of highlighted stuff. I blame the nature of NaNo. The further I go into the work, the more I was desperate to get the words out and get the numbers up, so I was less worried about quality. I think I also had a word war in here somewhere, so I think that might also account for some of it. Word war = even more frenzied typing and not caring about quality than what is normal in NaNo. Hopefully I'll get this done in time for Saturday's meet-up. People seemed to like my first chapter so I thought it would be nice to let them look at the second, too. Plus, I could always use feedback.

I'm also so very excited. Tomorrow is Watchmen! I can't see it in IMAX thanks to the local one not showing it, but oh well. It's going to be awesome anyway. One of my friend's gets to go to the IMAX in the Bluffs and see it for free, that lucky little.... But that's ok. She was irked by my excitement of getting to see Blue October in concert next month (another thing to be excited about this year) and she's going to be letting me borrow whatever classic Doctor Who her family has, so I say we're even on that.

I need to get back to editing (in fact, I need to edit so much that I spent about half an hour after writing the first paragraph of this doing just that and forgot about this completely). Hopefully I'll get something decent by Saturday...if not, I'll try to get two chapters ready for input by the next meet up. I've been contemplating bringing something else, too, but I don't know what. Bah, oh well, I'll figure it out if I decide to do it. :)

Oh, additionally, anyone reading this who hasn't watched the new Doctor Who: WATCH IT! It's brilliant, really it is. I haven't been so impressed with writing and acting in something in so long, if ever. The series has had me laughing, being angry, ultimately concerned, and very nearly crying (it's so very hard to make me cry, so very nearly is very, very good). It even genuinely scared me once or twice, and anyone who knows me knows that that is quite a feat. At one point, I kid you not, at the end of season three, I literally head-desked. Not because of something that was done stupid or anything else, but because of something awesome and mind blowing. I can say no more on it, but man...I've never heard of anyone literally head-desking, but I did. So yeah...watch it and enjoy. :)